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Dan about The story of Tina Lockwood
Sat, 07.09.2013 11:55
The first time I saw Tina was 1995 and she was/is incredible -- loved her ---- some people like meat and some like [...]

alan about No shame in being pinned by a woman
Wed, 01.05.2013 09:57
I don't think that it is good for boys and girls to wrestle each other. The girls have so many advantages like mor [...]

Jessica about "My girls are stronger than your boys"
Fri, 19.04.2013 05:52
Haha way to go! I can attest t hat men and women have almost equal lower body strength.

Ashley McTucker about "My girls are stronger than your boys"
Tue, 16.04.2013 08:25
Inspirational! Women are empow ering and we have a lot of obs tacles we endure in life. We h ave a lot of women who w [...]


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